Pug Calendar Photo Contest


Support KPR by participating in the 2018 Pug Calendar Photo Contest!

Have the perfect Pug photo? That one you can't stop looking at or showing to your friends?

If you answered YES, then you need to submit your pug’s picture to KPR's Annual Calendar Photo Contest!

How to Enter
  1. There is a $1 Entry Donation per photo (payable via PayPal), which counts as your first vote!
    If you would like to include additional votes with your entry donation, you may adjust the 'Quantity' on the PayPal screen and click Update.

    Contest Entry Pug's Name:  
  2. Forward your Entry Donation PayPal receipt to webmaster@kentuckianapugs.com with your contest photo(s) attached.
  3. If your name and/or mailing address is not the same as the PayPal account, please indicate the name and address information that you would like to use for the contest.
  4. Please allow 1 business day for your photo(s) to be added to the contest. You will receive an email when your entry is ready for voting!
  5. After your initial entry donation, please use the "Vote" button below each picture to cast additional votes.
KPR 2018 Calendar Contest Rules
  1. Please submit a photo that can be seen clearly when blown up to 8.5x11 size for printing.
    Landscape-format (longways not tall) photos work best.
  2. No visible date stamps on photos.
  3. New photo submissions are accepted through the end of the contest.
  4. KPR reserves the right to turn down a photo based on quality.
  5. In order for your photo to be eligible, it must contain at least one Pug or Pug Mix.
  6. The photo with the most votes will win the coveted Cover spot!!
  7. The owner of the winning cover photo will receive a PUG PRIZE PACK and a free calendar.
  8. The photos with the next 12 highest numbers of votes will be randomly placed in the calendar.
  9. The winner for each other month (Jan-Dec) will receive a free calendar.
Photos will be eliminated from competition as follows:

August 15 - photos with less than 10 votes
August 31 - contest ends

How to Vote:
  1. Voting begins immediately!
  2. All votes are $1.00 via PayPal.
  3. Click on the "Vote" button, and in the PayPal quantity box, enter the number of votes you want to put on that picture and click "Continue". You will be prompted to Log In to PayPal.
  4. Click on "Pay Now" and follow the instructions to finish your donation.
  5. Please allow 1-2 business days for votes to be updated on the website. Thank you!!
***Remember:  to see your favorite photo get a spot in the calendar, you must VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!***

Click any picture for a larger view.

Entry #1: Florence
Votes: 1

Entry #2: Bentley
Votes: 1

Entry #3: Charlie
Votes: 57

Entry #4: Jonah Ben Hur
Votes: 10

Entry #5: Big Jim
Votes: 25

Entry #6: Felix
Votes: 1

Entry #7: Oscar
Votes: 1

Entry #8: Colby
Votes: 21

Entry #9: Varla Jean
Votes: 35

Entry #10: Pickles
Votes: 51

Entry #11: Cashew
Votes: 12

Entry #12: Kirby
Votes: 1

Entry #13: Miles
Votes: 1

Entry #14: Crash
Votes: 11

Entry #15: Crash
Votes: 1

Entry #16: Crash
Votes: 21

Entry #17: Crash
Votes: 1

Entry #18: Tutti
Votes: 17

Entry #19: Elijah James
Votes: 10

Entry #20: Ginger Lee
Votes: 12

Entry #21: Frankie and Angelica
Votes: 35

Entry #22: Ninja
Votes: 29

Entry #23: Pippa Sunshine
Votes: 22

Entry #24: Autumn
Votes: 33

Entry #25: Autumn
Votes: 12

Entry #26: Autumn
Votes: 12