KPR serves the states of Kentucky and Indiana.  Permit No. P11-001005.  If you are outside of those states, please feel free to visit Pug Rescue Links for a rescue that serves your area or

An Adoption Application must be completed, before you can be considered as an adoptive home for any Pug, you must complete an application. There are no exceptions. 

Please review our Adoption Application Process!  Before submitting your application, please review our adoption process.  It will answer most questions you have about what's involved in adopting a Pug from KPR.  KPR can not answer any questions about a Pug until you have an approved application on file.  This is due to the high volume of inquiries we receive.  We are all volunteers who are very busy rescuing, caring for and transporting the rescued Pugs.  We do NOT have a central facility where you can visit our rescued Pugs.  Our Pugs live in foster homes, where they are observed, evaluated and cared for until we find their ideal adoptive family.  Review Caring for a Pug, as we want you to have all the information you need to decide whether or not a Pug is right for you and your family. 

 Adoption Donations are not negotiable.  We understand that you may not agree, but we ask that you respect our policies.  Please understand that we spend much more on medical bills than we recover in adoption donations for most of the Pugs we rescue, especially our senior Pugs.  Our Pugs do not come with a health guarantee.  All of our rescued Pugs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on routine vaccinations, fecal tested and heartworm negative prior to placement.  Although we do provide the medical treatment and testing listed above,  please remember that our Pugs are rescues and therefore we have no way of guaranteeing that they will not have medical issues in the future.

The Joys of Senior Pugs!
Learn the joy of saving a senior pug...

Senior Pugs are being discarded by their owners at an alarming rate. They may not run and play like a puppy, but we are forever changed by witnessing their joy, gratitude and unconditional love.

Please view our Senior Pug Tribute!
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We also ask that you take a moment to visit our Hospice Pugs.


Available - We are reviewing our approved applications, looking for applicants we feel would be a good match with the rescue Pug.  We are contacting applicants to schedule home checks.

Medical Hold - We are reviewing our approved applications, looking for applicants who we feel would be a good match with the rescue Pug.  However, there is an existing  medical issue that will need to be addressed before an adoption will occur.

Adoption Pending - We will no accept adoption applications for a Pug who is listed as adoption pending. A home check has been completed and we have approved an applicant.  We are now in the process of scheduling a pre-adoption meeting. If everything goes well at the meeting, the adoption will take place.

and help
a Pug in need!

If you would like to donate to help a rescued Pug, you can do so using Paypal by clicking on the button below.  Or print out a donation form and mail it to KPR. Please specify a particular Pug you want your donation to go to, and KPR will list your name under their photo as a Pal for that Pug.  Thank you!

**When using Paypal, please click on the tab "Personal" at the point where you indicate what you are sending money for. Then please choose the option "GIFT" to make your donation.  Thank you !**
These Pugs are waiting for their Forever Homes.
Please click a Pug's picture to view more information. Thank you!

Jack #860
Male, 10 years

Ferdinand #1135
Male, 10 years

Timmy #858
Male, 11 years

Jack #864
Male, 11 years

Female, 12 years

Chauncey #1138
Margarita #1139

Male & Female, 8 years

Napoleon # 452
Julius #453

Males, 12 years

Brownie #1672
Male, 7 years

Maggie Mae #1689
Female, 9 years

Emma #1329 F-11yrs
Dolly #1330 F-10yrs

Buster #1175 Male 10yrs
Maggie #1176 Female 8yrs

Sadie May #1189
Female, 13 years

Bobby #1800
Male, 6 years

Eleanor #1190
Female, 10 years

Herbie #1184
Male, 9 years

Karlee #1695
Female, 9 years

Pugsley #1304
Male, 9 years

Baby Doll #1316
Female, 13 years

Otis #1321
Male, 8 years

Buddy #1870
Male, 8 years

Buddy #1875
Male, 9 years

Sassy #1803
Female, 9 years

Porkchop #1425
Male, 6 years

Major #1340
Male, 12 years

Pixie #1339
Female, 9 years

Betty #2031
Female, Adult

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